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Targeted Relief for Post Tonsillectomy Pain or Any Severe Oropharyngeal Pain

Developed by Yale trained, Board Certified Otolaryngologist Douglas G Mann, MD

  • Say NO to Narcotics
  • Say YES to local anesthetic for immediate (short term) relief of breakthrough pain as a supplement to ibuprofen and acetaminophen
  • Give Your Patient time to eat, drink, or fall back to sleep

The Tonsil Fire Extinguisher Is a Device That Delivers a Small Spray of Local Anesthetic Right Where It Is Needed

One spray = ~5mg
One spray = ~5mg


    SAFE - Only 20 mg lidocaine per treatment using 4 sprays of 4% lidocaine (compare with the recommended safe maximum dose of 3mg/kg... for a 40kg 10 year old, the youngest patients we recommend treating, that’s 120mg). Targeted spray avoids global anesthesia of the mouth and throat seen with swallowed anesthetics. Less risk of aspiration.

  • AFFORDABLE - The least expensive medical device in the world (except for q tips! Comparable to a co-pay!)
  • CUTE! - Your patients will love to try it.
  • EFFECTIVE - 70% of our patients considered it an important part of their post op pain management. And they will thank you for it!
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We Sell the Tonsil Fire Extinguisher Device (Without Medicine), But will cease doing business as of Jan 1 2019

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    To Physicians Who Wish to Add the Lidocaine and Flavoring in Their Office and Dispense to Their Patients

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    To Hospitals or Surgery Centers That Can Fill the Device in the Pharmacy, Making the Treatment Available for Emergence from Anesthesia and the Recovery Room

    • Click here to access a letter you can personalize and send to your hospital requesting that they carry the device
    • Click here if you represent a Hospital or surgery center wishing to purchase the Tonsil Fire Extinguisher

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    To Compounding Pharmacies, Who Can Buy Our Devices, and Fill Them for Your Patient with a Prescription from the Physician

    • Click here to give us the name of the compounding pharmacy you use, and we’ll see that they can carry our device for your patients.