Patient Danielle Shay


I cannot imagine getting through recovery without this fire extinguisher. Once you get your tonsils out, it’s a constant routine of keeping your throat hydrated but it’s super difficult to do when it hurts to drink water! With the extinguisher, you can pinpoint exactly where your pain is and numb it with only 1 or 2 sprays. I honestly am so grateful for the extinguisher because it made taking medicine, eating and drinking water so much better while my throat was healing. Everyone who undergoes a tonsillectomy needs one.

Patient Sarah Aguilar


I recently got my tonsils removed, and was given a variant of pain medications to ease the recovery process, the tonsil fire extinguisher was one of them. I was so impressed with this little bottle of relief. I would be able to greatly reduce the pain through the day and night, by using the tonsil fire extinguisher. I would “p.a.s.s” “pull, aim, squeeze, sweep” my throat and get instant relief. It would allow me to swallow easier and generally eased the pain. Well worth it.....and the bottle is a humorous conversation piece. 🙂

Doctor HF Bradenton


We love the product…. We always offer it.

Doctor DB, Medford MA


Patients have found it to be quite effective. It definitely takes the edge off between oral pain medication doses.

Doctor KJ, MD Derry, NH


Many patients report effective relief of pain after tonsil surgery, some don't like the taste of the Lidocaine which is the only factor which limits its use. I have not seen a substantial reduction in the amount of pain medication used after the procedure, but this device does give my patients another choice for treatment of their post-tonsillectomy pain. Some physicians may give a patient a souvenir t-shirt, pen, calendar or other memento of the surgery. The Tonsil Fire Extinguisher serves multiple purposes—it is practical, therapeutic, aattention-getting and a sign of a physician's caring for his patient.

Doctor BP, DO


I have ordered two cases of the tonsil fire extinguishers and my patients have been very happy with them. I have compared its use to tetracaine suckers and have found it to be far better liked and better utilized by my patients. In fact, I had my own tonsils out this year by my partner, and I used the tonsil fire extinguisher and felt it was an excellent idea which greatly aided in making my recovery easier. Keep up the good work, and we will keep ordering them for our practice. Thank you.

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Sample Requests Tonsil Fire Extinguishers

Box of 6 devices, provided empty, to be filled by physician with medication. Device delivers 0.12ml with each actuation. We will also send a small bottle of flavoring to add to the lidocaine you put in. Just 2 drops are enough!

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